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Our Medical Practice


Our mission is to provide effective and efficient outpatient therapy services to those with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis. Services are provided in office or in the community depending on the client’s preference. We work with a number of mental health disorders and have a hardworking team of therapists driven to empower, support, and inspire others.

Our Treatment Focus


 Our focus is to help people heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. Along with a unique customized treatment plan, we aim to provide a nonjudgmental, neutral, and safe environment to support growth. 

Our Patient Promise


We promise to be there for every single one of our clients throughout their journey to reclaim their reign. Our goal is to promote growth from daily stressors, recover from any trauma or pain, and move forward in life to be where desired.

Now Offering Medication Management!

          Along with various treatment methods, Reign & Inspirations now offers Medication Management appointments. Anyone who feels they could benefit from or has been recommended psychotropic medication has the opportunity to speak with our MD.

Our Therapy



Reign & Inspirations specializes in individual therapy for all ages and hope to help people recover their motivation, perspective, and joy in life. Anyone experiencing symptoms that disrupt or adversely affect their daily life is eligible for services.




A family that talks together, stays together. Treatment can include family to help strengthen interpersonal skills and address presenting problems. Communication is key and Reign strives to be a gateway for more congruence. 


Case Management

Along with therapy we acknowledge all aspects and influences one may encounter including referrals for medical, dental, housing, food, furniture, and clothing.  These needs must be met to increase one's willingness to open up and fully reclaim their reign!

Reclaim Your Reign!

In a Nut Shell...

Reign & Inspirations provides individual, group, and family therapy. In addition to therapy we collaborate with various agencies to provide holistic treatment to every patient that we serve. We pride ourselves on our ability to form healthy therapeutic relationships with patients while promoting improved overall wellness.

Reign & Inspirations focuses on increased social interactions, healthy interpersonal relationships, improved academics, family reunification, amongst various other aspects of the patients' lives. If we could be of assistance to you or someone else please feel free to contact us.

"Inspiring others to reclaim their reign, while opening doors for positive change".


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